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AA & ATA Technology participated in the intelligent manufacturing Salon of CIO Association

时间:2021-06-19     作者:ATA Technology【原创】

Dalian intelligent manufacturing technology innovation and application salon is sponsored by CIA Association and co organized by Automation Anywhere & ATA Technology (Dalian) Co., Ltd. As one of the important tools of intelligent manufacturing, the development of automation technology undoubtedly determines the success or failure of the development of intelligent manufacturing. Based on the innovative application of intelligent manufacturing technology, the meeting conducted in-depth exploration and Practice for the digital transformation after the epidemic. ATA technology, together with AA, aims at the current automation trend and international market, deeply discusses the impact of intelligent automation and digital labor force on the existing institutional system, puts forward the core idea of "the future has come", and shares the opportunities and challenges brought by digital transformation and new digital employees. Yaxing Wang, director of channel cooperation in Greater China of automation anywhere, visited the venue in person to add new vitality to the meeting. Taking AA company as an example, he elaborated on the benefits brought by digital employees and provided digital employee transformation schemes in relevant industries for the reference of participating enterprises.





Intelligent automation and digital workforce

Labor force, known as workforce or laborforce, refers to the working population, usually refers to the people working in a company, various industries and even a society, and mostly refers to manual or mental workers and workers. Robot process automation is a kind of productivity software, which is located on the existing system. It performs manual, repetitive and rule-based activities performed by individuals in traditional work, and simulates people by performing manual and repetitive tasks in existing applications. In the manufacturing industry, the digital labor force has clear performance indicators, such as order, scheduling, production, logistics, receipt, collection, etc. Automation uses two ways to provide higher value for the whole value chain, which can effectively reduce the cost of obtaining information, improve the accuracy and reliability of data, and continuously bring sustainable benefits to enterprises through the digital labor force with RPA as the carrier.


IDC research shows that the opportunity of intelligent automation service is 3 ~ 4 times of subscription software revenue. For the ever-growing service portfolio, services such as implementation (IT strategy, architecture, project management, system integration, etc.), business consulting (process reengineering, strategy, etc.), customer automation development, management services, education and training have evolved.


AutomationAnywhere Leading RPA leader

Automationanywhere leverages automation 360, the industry's only cloud native platform ™, Master the power of RPA and cloud. AA is currently the No. 1 RPA platform in the world. Because of its more prominent ease of use, it achieves three times the expansion speed at the cost of 1 / 5 of the traditional platform. AA, as the leader of Gartner's Magic Quadrant, has been on the far right side of the RPA leadership Quadrant for two consecutive years. As the first choice of RPA for customers, AA has the most deployed platform in the world and 2.8 million robots in 90 countries / regions. At present, AA has 1m + user community, 2.8m + developed digital chemical authors, 4250 + enterprise customers and 90 + countries with customers all over the world. AA has gained trust from the world's largest enterprises, and 8 of the world's top 10 companies are using automation anywhere. As a model application case of RPA digital transformation, automation anywhere has applied RPA in many core business processes, such as human resource management, finance, corporate governance and secretary services, and investor relations.



ATA technology  China's leading provider of digital labor solutions

ATA Technology (Dalian) Co., Ltd. is a high-tech company established in 2015. It has passed the national high-tech enterprise certification, intellectual property management system certification, double soft certification and ISO 9001 quality management system certification. In 2019, it was listed in Dalian equity trading center (equity Code: 200578). Aita technology is a leading provider of digital labor solutions in China and the only authorized certification training service partner of AA in China.

ATA technology  ABM intelligent robot management platform