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Good news: ATA Technology has won the bid for the China Resources Pharmaceutical RPA project


  ATA Technology won the bid for the RPA software service procurement project of China Resources (Dalian) Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Through preliminary research and preparation, project implementation and development, process testing, trial operation, and overall acceptance, the project was officially launched and stably operated, successfully delivered, and passed the customer's acceptance, and received unanimous praise from the customer.

  By using LUBAN RPA intelligence to automate the scanning file renaming and medical insurance management comprehensive system uploading and centralized procurement scenarios, since LUBAN RPA was launched and stably operated, the work efficiency has increased by 20 times and the operation accuracy has reached 100%. Not only has it achieved qualitative improvement in cost reduction and efficiency enhancement, but it also plays an important role in optimizing processes, standardizing business operations, and data exchange.


(Image source: official website)

  As the leading enterprise in the domestic pharmaceutical industry, CR Pharma ranks second in the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry, the largest manufacturer of Over-the-counter drug in China, and the top three in the pharmaceutical industry (information source: the official website of CR Pharma). This cooperation between ATA Technologyand CR Pharma is an important node to promote the Digital transformation of CR Pharma.

  ATA Technology provides high-quality RPA consulting, training and implementation services to help its Digital transformation and enhance its competitiveness in the industry. At the same time, it marks a higher recognition of ATA Technology's professionalism and strength in the fields of RPA products, consulting, and implementation services. We will always strive to provide customers with high-quality digital labor solutions.

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