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RPA technology has attracted much attention in the digital transformation of the banking industry

时间:2022-05-20     【转载】

On May 14, 2022, the "Digital Workforce Helps the Intelligent Transformation of The Financial Services Industry" hosted by RPA OF THE BOHAI RIM INDUSTRY UNION, guided by RPA Home, and undertaken by Aita Technology, Jiayou Software and Automation Anywhere was held in Dalian Ascendas Software Park and broadcast live online. This event brings together academic professors, senior experts from RPA vendors and professional implementation companies to explore the value and application of RPA technology in the banking industry.


At the beginning of the event, Professor Zhao Hexi of Dongbei University of Finance and Economics was invited to share online with the theme of "Digital Workforce Helps the Intelligent Transformation of The Financial Services Industry", Professor Zhao first introduced the connotation of digital transformation and related technology development trends, interpreted the national financial services industry digital transformation policy in detail, and finally elaborated on the role of process automation RPA in the digital transformation of banks with case analysis, and put forward a new idea of combining industry, education and research to cultivate RPA talents in the financial services industry.


The application and practice of RPA technology in the field of financial technology is the most extensive and in-depth, and Wang Li, senior pre-sales consultant of Automation Anywhere, believes in the sharing: digitalization and financial technology have increasingly become the core driving forces for the transformation and development of banks. Taking the practical application of RPA in banking business as an example, he showed the whole process of banks building RPA digital tools and orderly promoting the intelligent application of front, middle and back office systems.


The development of the industry is inseparable from the progress and innovation of technology and operating model, Shen Hongyan, general manager of Aita Technology, and the operation director of Anilong, as a digital labor solution provider, elaborated on the next-generation RPA product integration operation model for the on-site and online audience, using the product system of Aita Technology to build a digital labor solution for the financial industry, significantly reducing manpower and time cost investment, effectively improving the efficiency of financial business handling, and promoting the efficient operation of financial business processes, operating models, risk management and control.



In the face of the development pain points of the bank's digital transformation, Hong Jingfeng, technical director of Aita Technology, explained how RPA can help improve the efficiency of financial services through WeChat BOT through practical cases. Digital workforce, operations and services is a full-stack capability framework, Aita Technology provides end-to-end integrated solutions for customers with different needs at different stages, comprehensively solving the problems and difficulties encountered by enterprises in digital transformation.


Yang Wei, deputy general manager of Jiayou Software, shared the theme of "RPA implementation journey of enterprises from the perspective of market change", he believes that in recent years, more and more traditional enterprises have begun to carry out digital transformation, and RPA must achieve full process coverage in order to show its due role. Jiayou Software has been committed to helping enterprises complete digital and intelligent transformation, improve comprehensive productivity, and reconstruct business value.


RPA OF THE BOHAI RIM INDUSTRY UNION, as an innovative institution for industrial services, continues to empower member enterprises, cultivates and develops the alliance ecology, and strengthens the alliance ability, and will regularly hold online and offline salon activities around the cutting-edge topics and vertical fields of RPA, focusing on the representative application areas or technical research directions of RPA, helping more enterprises to obtain opportunities for industrial exchanges.



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