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RPA technology - The application seminar was a complete success

时间:2020-07-11     作者:ATA Technology【原创】   阅读

        On July 9, the "RPA technology and application seminar" hosted by automation anywhere (China, hereinafter referred to as "AA") and ATA Technology (Dalian) Co., Ltd. was successfully held in COSCO Shipping Intercontinental Hotel in Dalian. The participants included industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Dalian rural commercial bank, China Hualu, China Mobile, PICC, Accenture, Dalian fifth hospital, Dalian seventh hospital, Harbin Institute of Technology Dalian Alumni Association and other enterprises, units and organizations.

        The meeting deeply explained the meaning of digital labor and its significance, and looked forward to the future development of RPA (robot process automation) in China according to authoritative market data. At the same time, the experts present had extensive exchanges and in-depth discussions with leaders from all walks of life on the practical application and development opportunities of PRA in various fields.

AA channel director - Yi LAN : RPA + AI leading the new digital era微信图片_20200711132644.jpg

 President LAN started the first round of discussion at today's meeting with the topic of the origin of automation requirements. Then, starting from history and based on data, he looked forward to the picture of human employees working together with digital assistants in the future work scene, and then analyzed the value that digital employees can bring. Digital employees with many advantages have attracted the attention of elites from all walks of life.

Then president LAN introduced the general situation of AA company, citing the authoritative report of a third party, pointing out that AA is in a leading position in all dimensions of influence, strategy and products. This paper introduces some of the world's top 500 enterprise customers of AA company, and emphasizes that AA's customers in China are also increasing at this stage.

Finally, President LAN summarized the overall framework of AA RPA and the main functions of each product from robot editing and deployment, to unstructured data processing, and then to the final robot data and business data analysis.

Operation director of Aita technology - Rilong Quan : Operation Planning of digital labor force


The general manager mainly analyzes the operation and management of digital labor force. At the same time, it strongly launched the PAP automatic management platform and shared the video of its practical application. The picture effect of more than ten computers working automatically and monitored in real time by the PAP platform is very shocking. He believes that in enterprises, the management of digital labor force should have a corresponding system like the management of labor force - recording and managing the working status of digital labor force, and even KPI assessment of digital labor force.

Finally, the general manager introduced the system functional architecture of PAP platform, and analyzed the importance of monitoring, management and upgrading of digital labor unified platform based on the actual case of SK group in Korea.

Director of China professional service team - Lei Jing : How to build a medical RPA management platform


 President Jing analyzed the application of RPA in the medical scene and pointed out some pain points caused by the application of informatization in the current medical and health care system. Starting from the actual case of a hospital in Singapore, this paper expounds the business improvement that RPA can give in terms of improving patient experience, improving medical service efficiency and reducing service cost. President Jing pointed out that the emergence of digital labor force is not to completely replace labor. It is to give people more time to focus on their core business rather than complicated and trivial things they have to do. She said that when human employees and digital employees work together, it is a moment to witness miracles!

        RPA outlook


       This seminar is an important milestone for Dalian RPA industry. As the sponsor, ATA technology said that looking at the world, although the share of domestic RPA market is still small, its growth rate that can not be ignored always reminds us to focus on the construction of digital labor market rooted in Dalian, release employees from boring work and devote themselves to more core business processes with higher value output.

        As a partner, ATA technology is convinced that AA, as the leader of RPA manufacturers in the world, while rapidly iterating to meet the needs of different customers, is very concerned about and pays close attention to the current development and future development trend of RPA industry and even the whole IT industry. While continuously improving the functions of traditional RPA tools, AA continues to work in the direction of RPA + AI, and its product IQbot is dealing with semi-structured It has a very strong ability in unstructured data. AA is sparing no effort to make the digital workforce infinitely close to the real manpower. Aita technology also expects to bring greater value to more enterprises through cooperation with AA.