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How can companies make accurate and rational use of RPA robots?

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01 Does the enterprise choose the right business processes to automate


While RPA technology is well suited for tasks that are repetitive, rule-based, high-volume and do not require human judgment, only these rough macroscopic screening criteria are not enough. Some companies have standardized processes that have been implemented for years and written into standard process documents. But in practice, different employees will use other variations or more practical methods to solve the problem at hand, and operating habits and processing styles may differ between employees, not to mention those companies that have not yet implemented standardized processes.


In addition, the enterprise's own changes also have an impact on RPA business processes, such as the adjustment of organization and business division of labor; the instability of processes also makes RPA implementation more difficult; the update and upgrade of certain back-end application systems also affect the implementation difficulty and operational risk of RPA. Therefore, before implementing RPA projects, enterprises need to find out which processes are suitable for automation and which processes can be implemented when the time is ripe in order to determine the priority of automation. Starting an RPA project without proper business process analysis and selection, and without a thorough analysis of the root causes of potential problems in the business process, may cause the project to fail or fail to achieve the expected benefits.



02 Are companies using the resources of RPA robots wisely

Resources for RPA robots include the working time of RPA robots, processing efficiency, and the number of RPA robots used, as the consumption of these resources can be correlated with project implementation costs and software costs. When faced with the same job tasks and workload, companies should consider the least and optimal robot resources to complete them.

The inflexibility of RPA robot program design,development can result in the inability to quickly adapt to subsequent changes in the process, or the cost of subsequent changes is too high, which is also a problem often encountered in the implementation of RPA projects.To reduce this risk, in addition to using a reasonable technical architecture and integration approach, companies must also support a reasonable IT governance structure for control, including planning, communication and change processes, so that RPA robots can adapt to ongoing changes.

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