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The main components of RPA

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RPA generally provides the tools needed to automate the process of developing, integrating, deploying, operating, and maintaining software, and typically contains three main components: an editor, a runner, and a controller.



01 Editor

An editor refers to a companion development tool for robot script design, development, debugging, and deployment. To better meet developers' needs for ease of use, flexibility, and WYSIWYG in an editor, the following features are typically provided in RPA editor tools: visual drag-and-drop and editing capabilities for controls, recording capabilities for automation scripts, layered design capabilities for automation scripts, workflow editor capabilities, automation script debugging capabilities, remote configuration capabilities for robots, pre-built libraries and pre-built templates, the pre-built connector programs, support for open public standards, and interface integration capabilities.


02 Runner

Runners refer to robots that actually complete automated execution operations. The three core technologies in the RPA runner include mouse and keyboard event emulation, screen capture, and workflow technology.

03 Controller

A controller refers to a robot lifecycle-oriented management program, a companion tool provided to operations and maintenance personnel for monitoring, maintaining, and managing the operational status of a robot. the RPA controller provides monitoring capabilities, safety management and control capabilities, the ability to run robots, the ability to automate task assignment, automatic scalability, parallel automated execution capabilities, queue management, failure recovery capabilities, and support for SLA reporting.


The relationship between the editor, runner and controller

The editor is authorized to be used by the controller. Automation tasks done in the editor can be run in two ways, either uploaded to the controller, which assigns the automation task to the runner for running, or run directly through the runner, both of which will eventually return the run status to the controller.


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Other components

In addition to these features in the editor, runner, and controller, RPA also provides additional change management, security compliance management, and artificial intelligence integration features. The industry has not yet reached a conclusion on what features should be available in the RPA software, but large and comprehensive is one way of thinking, and small and precise is also a way of thinking. At present, most of the domestic RPA products are still following the design concepts of foreign products, and the composition and functions of the products are very similar. But never underestimate the power of innovation, the concept and technology is also in constant development, may be a few years later, RPA function will have a radical change.


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