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RPA robots conform to the organizational characteristics of human work

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This feature is mainly determined by RPA software design mechanism. Most RPA software will provide a basic technology operation platform, which supports the implementation of all underlying technologies, such as simulation operation, screen capture and so on. What kind of work RPA needs to do is not determined by the platform, but by the automation scripts running on the platform. These scripts define the processing steps, business rules, exception control and other processing requirements of the automation process, which are implemented by the script on the driving platform. A set of scripts that can be executed continuously is called an automated task. An independent small running platform is also a process in the operating system, which can be called a robot, that is, bot.


A Bot can only run one task at a certain point in time, just like a human being, can only do one thing at a specific moment, but when the Bot finishes this task it can move on to the next task, or of course it can keep cycling through the same task, which is actually determined by the amount of business to be handled by this task and the time consuming situation of each processing. So, when there are multiple automated tasks, you usually need to configure a work schedule for the Bot, such as 5 tasks for financial accounting work from 9:00 to 10:00, and 3 tasks for new employee onboarding process from 10:00 to 11:00. In short, the more things the Bot does, the better and the tighter the schedule is, provided that the business process is satisfied.



In addition, in order to ensure larger automated business concurrency, it is not enough for companies to utilize only one robot to perform tasks sequentially; they need to have multiple robots at the same time, and then configure work schedules for each of these robots. (Their schedules can be the same or different). On top of that, companies need to have the different robots dovetail well in their task schedules so that there are no business conflicts. It's as if you have an army of robots. Overseeing the execution of these robots through the RPA monitoring and management platform is like having an operational command center for an army of robots.


In some current practice cases of large-scale robotic applications, this operational command center is called the Automation Command Center or Automation Operation Center, and the entire management organization that operates the robots is called the Center of Excellence (CoE).

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