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There are you and me and RPA in the fight against the epidemic!

时间:2022-03-29     【转载】

The end of 2019 saw the outbreak of the New Coronavirus, which continues to this day. It is no longer a short-term and isolated event, it will affect our lives, our work, and even the way we think and the way we relate to the world in the long term.

During the epidemic, all physical contact methods were changed to online communication, and there were even various innovations such as "Cloud Bounce" and "Cloud Dining". Currently, all kinds of online live streaming and online meetings have to rely on new infrastructure resources such as cloud computing. Just like water, electricity and gas used daily at home, cloud services have become a basic guarantee for people's work.

For companies, building digital capabilities has gone from a "need" to a "must". For those companies that have already completed digitalization, the impact of the epidemic will be less because much of the work can be done by relying on online systems. Companies that have not yet completed digitalization will face significant production and operational challenges during the epidemic because they cannot effectively avoid offline work. Moreover, working remotely allows employees to become more proficient in the operation of digital systems. In fact, Flex Jobs and Global Workplace Analytics studies have reported that the phenomenon of remote working in enterprises has grown by 44%, and this is nothing more than a concentrated explosion of the previous cumulative benefits.


In the longer term, the impact of the epidemic on society could last for a long time. Even if normal production order is restored in the future, the jobs offered by companies re-recruiting will change dramatically.

For companies and individuals, what they need to do is to "build up and develop". As an enterprise. You should adjust your operating model, cost and revenue structure, reallocate resources, adjust collaborative relationships with all parties, and explore new business models and technologies. As an individual, you should read more books, acquire a wide range of knowledge and learn more new skills in order to gain an advantage in the new round of talent competition after the epidemic has receded.


To sum up, cloud services will become irreplaceable infrastructure, companies will migrate more of their business from offline to online, employees will have to rely more on digitalization for all their work, and companies will rethink the positioning of people, as labor-intensive or service-intensive companies will be most affected by the epidemic. How to adjust the mechanism of human division of labor and synergy, the way work is organized, etc. will be a question that every manager must think about. And the above questions are exactly where RPA excels - a cloud-based digital environment that uses a new work collaboration model to adapt to the uncertainty of the world.

This epidemic is like having the world do a system upgrade, where previous vulnerabilities will be removed and a new order will inevitably be re-established. In the future, we should learn how to let robots assist us in our work, how to use and manage these robots, and how to collaborate with each other, just as we should learn how to live with this physically isolated world.

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