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Assist the Winter Olympics, together to the future!

时间:2022-03-28     【转载】

Beijing Winter Olympics came to a perfect end, from the first gold medal of the short track speed skating team to the last gold medal taken by Sui Wenjing and Han Cong, the Chinese delegation ranked third in the gold medal list with 9 gold, 4 silver and 2 bronze, creating the best result in the history of Winter Olympics participation. The Beijing Winter Olympic Games ended perfectly in the Olympic spirit of "together" and "more unity" around the world, but the Olympic spirit and the beautiful pursuit of peace, unity and progress of mankind still live on.

In this Winter Olympic Games, from "micro-fire" to "ice cube", from "intelligent epidemic prevention" to "ice ribbon", the Winter Olympic Games has been exploring new technology services to bring the best experience to the participants. The sportsmen and women who fought bravely on the competition field should always be remembered for their glamorous and moving moments on the field. During the competition, the media reporters were running around in various venues and had a heavy task of reporting. With the complementarity of Alibaba Cloud's Elastic Desktop Service and RPA vendor named AutomationAnywhere, Atatec utilizes RPA technology which is a branch of artificial intelligence to assist in filtering and downloading live video materials of the Winter Olympics. It greatly improves the efficiency of media work and makes the heroic performance of the participants to be spread around the world in the fastest time.

The world is adapting to a remote, unattended way of work because of the COVID-19. The RPA system automatically filters and download the videos based on important indicators such as game items, categories and sports day through a customized config file. A report will be sent to the designated users by email after the download is completed. While freeing up workforce, the distinguishing features of RPA system like 24/7 standby, cloud-based and timed-start features allow the system to process videos at any time, which brings a new office tool for media workers.

From the "welcoming pine" to the "folding willow farewell", the Beijing Winter Olympic Games came to an end in the sparkling fireworks. In this Winter Olympic Games, Atatec had helped the media industry to distribute content. In the future, Atatec will deeply use RPA and AI technology to participate in efficient content distribution for more industries, and continue to provide more service providers with faster, more efficient and convenient solutions to help each frame of the wonderful picture dissemination, and bring more user experiences in more scenarios such as the Olympic Games in the future

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